My Experience

A glimpse into the diverse roles and responsibilities that have shaped my journey.

Experience 1

Python Coding Teacher

January 2024 to Present

● Align lesson plans with the comprehensive Python curriculum, covering basic concepts and advanced topics like data structures and algorithms, ensuring depth in students' learning experiences.

● Assess student progress, enhancing learning outcomes through feedback while collecting insights for curriculum improvements, demonstrating strong analytical skills and attention to detail.

Experience 1

Python Curriculum Developer

June 2023 to August 2023

● Developed multi-level Python curriculum emphasizing analytical skills, covering basic concepts, array-based structures, and advanced topics like linked data structures, binary search trees, and sorting algorithms.

● Developed curriculum content with meticulous organizational skills and created PowerPoint presentations for effective communication and alignment with stakeholders' expectations.

● Sourced STEM grants and forged strategic partnerships to enhance program development and expansion.

Experience 2

Customer Service Representative

KGS Research |
October 2022 to May 2023

● Demonstrated exceptional time management, organizational skills, and proficiency in telephone surveys, achieving performance goals while adhering to protocols and showcasing strong communication.

● Managed customer interactions via Salesforce CRM, ensuring precise organization of survey data.

Experience 3

Team Leader Volunteer

Results Canada |
February 2021 to March 2023

● Led meetings and campaign presentations for 25+ attendees, amplifying social impact.

● Successfully coordinated communications, tasks, and content, effectively engaging parliamentarians and recruiting volunteers to support poverty-alleviating initiatives.

My Projects

Delve into a collection of my projects that spotlight the fusion of my technical skills and creative innovation.